natural fiber sisal

New season, new materials

natural fiber sisal

With the Spring coming, we take this occasion to present you the materials used for the SS17 collection of Céline Robert Chapeaux.

The hats are mainly made with high quality natural stuffs from Philippines which then are modeled in France.

The 3 main natural materials which are used for ceremony hats are :

Sisal : This is a delicately braided straw, which came from a Mexican plant, or from the hemp of Manila. Now it comes from Indonesia. Sisal gives a supple mesh.

Buntal : Vegetal rigid fiber from Philippines which is stemmed from  the heart of the bush trunk with tweezers .  With buntal, we make turbans (the iconic shape of the designer Céline Robert), garniture and bags.

Banana : fiber of the banana leaf, this is a very supple braided fiber which allows to make draperies which a bright effect

As soon as these materials are in Céline Robert studio, they are shaped on molds or hand modeled.

natural fiber
natural fiber buntal
natural fiber sisal