Hats and Cinema

The most famous ascent of staircase in the cinema’s world is happening  in Cannes. This is the occasion to present you a Top 10 of the most famous hats in the cinema.

Chaplin 1936

The famous blower hat, wearing by Chaplin, is as  famous as the actor, director himself.

  • The good, the bad and the ugly 1968

The famous Fedora, wearing by Clint Eastwood, has become the emblem of western movies.

  • The Avengers 1961

The blower hat and the black umbrella are John Steed’s icons objects.

  • Sherlock Holmes 1887

The famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conon Doyle, is always wearing during his investigation with Doctor Watson, a pipe, a magnifying glass and its deerstalker.

  • Indiana Jones 1981

The most famous archaeologies, played by Harrison Ford, never leaves toward journeys without his whip and his Fedora hat.

  • My fair Lady 1964

The extravert outfit, wearing by the iconic Audrey Hephurn, when she played Eliza Dovati, is still one of the most iconic costumes of the cinema.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2003

The famous Captain Jack Sparow never gives up his ship, compass and his tricorn.

  • A Clockwork Orange1971

In this movie, Alex’s gang members, « droogies » are recognizable by their blowing hats.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961

In addiction of being one of the most iconic roles of the British actress Audrey Hepburn, the hat and black dress are still iconic.

  • Port of shadows 1938

The beautiful Michele Morgan wore a beret with elegance in this iconic movie.