6 tips for choosing the best ceremony hat

A head for hats : in contrary of the commun belief, there will always be a hat that suits you. You just need to try and receive good advices ! Here are 6 tips for choosing the best ceremony hat :

1) For which occasion do you wish to wear a hat, if it’s a wedding, what is your position ?
a) You are the mother of the bride or groom :

You absolutely need an open model, to embrace the guests, see them and be seen. You also won’t have a shadow covering your face on all pictures.
The hat will also give the theme of the celebration, if it’s quiet, dressed up, casual, etc.
You need to consider this with the choice of the model
By respect for the families, you also need to consider the size of the hat of the other mother, and know where she is planning to buy it.

b) You are the sister or a honor attendant :

Feel free to go fancy, that’s the best position for incredible hats !

c) You are a friend / guest :

Depending on the spirit of the wedding, you can choose accordingly but keep a reasonable size to not attract all eyes and respect the place of honor of people close the bride and groom.

2) The energy of the person is important in the choice of a Hat

More than the morphology, it’s the energy that is important, what you express. The hat has to respond to that :
– Someone very quiet and soft will wear a “tender” hat, with soft colors and light material like see-through sisal. (even straw)
– Someone alive and kicking needs a strong hat with dense colors and materials such as Buntal (cactus fibers), or parasisal (straw capeline)
Large brim ha twill suit better people with a fairly long nose will
Glasses don’t obstruct the wearing of hats.

3) Choose the size of the hat

The hat often balance the body, the largest dimension for normal sized people is the width of the shoulders.
However, for someone who tends to lean forward (elders), a shape with volume on the back would suit better. Whereas someone who stand tall would prefer volume on the front.
Only very tall women can afford very large volumes.
In any case, you should never disappear under your hat.

4) Choose a hat according your outfit

Here also, the hat can be a good asset, to bring fanciness to a classic outfit, or to “calm” an extravagant one.
Habits mixing hat, clutch bag and shoes don’t especially have to be followed as it’s often a way to confine the body from head to toes.
Only if you have exceptional shoes, it’s better to have shoes that match the dress and enhance on the face with a hat with a different color that brings light to the face.
You can also match the hat with a stole.

5) Measure your head size

Nothing more easy. Take a tape measure, a rope or a ribbon that you will then measure.Place the tape measure around your head where the hat will be (usually around 0.5cm to 1cm above the ears). Don’t tighten too much, or you could make a measurement error.
You can refer to this size guide to know which size you need according to the measurement.

6) Common habits :

– a woman doesn’t take her hat off in a church
– except if you wear a hat without brim, you should take your hat off in a restaurant. The brim breaks the relation with the person in front of you.

It’s better to hear : “this hat fits you very well” than “you have a nice hat”, in the second statement the hat aborbs all eyes and not the person who wears it. It would mean it’s a hat too “strong” for you


6 tips for choosing the best ceremony hat