Summer 2019 hat trends

summer 2019 hat trends

Photo credit: Baie Brune in partnership with Céline Robert Chapeaux

The days when the hat was just a simple accessory often forgotten or simply used for its functional value are now over. Nowadays considered as a fashion product, convenience and comfort regarding the sun are no longer the only reasons to wear a hat. Essential piece to complete any look, the various shapes are available in several materials and colors to satisfy the greatest number of people.

Faced with this multitude of possibilities, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around and find the right piece for you.

This is why our team has decided to put its experience at your disposal and to offer you some wise advice to put an end to your doubts and questions.

And since the sun is shining and holidays have begun for some of us, we would like to present you the trends to follow for a great summer.

Long, flowing and flimsy dresses, wicker baskets, flowery prints; it’s simple, we see them everywhere! This summer is the great comeback of the natural bohemian style with a little vintage touch, and we love it. As mentioned earlier, a hat is the ideal piece to bring style and enhance an outfit; but to sublimate also means to harmonize!

While it is not necessary to match your pieces, it is essential to think about creating a certain coherence between them. This is why this season we are opting for hats with tints that will gently contrast with the usually brighter colours of summer clothing. We therefore bet on natural colours, those of the materials in their raw state, which will give an authentic touch to your outfits and therefore perfectly fit into the bohemian fashion that is in vogue this year.

The darker colours are not to be neglected, however, they will be perfect for more chic and sophisticated outfits.

Once the question of colour has been resolved, we now try to answer the question of which materials to choose over others. Natural materials such as hemp, toyo (rice straw), paper fibre and abaca for example are used here for a purer appearance that sounds like a return to simplicity.

Finally, there is the question of the shape. Everything here is a matter of taste, affinities! You cannot be forced to turn away from your favourite shapes, but as every year, some hats stand out:

The XL wide-brimmed hat

We say yes to the XL wide-brimmed hat, this hat with an extra-large brim. A coveted summer accessory, this hat shape offers you a little shade and brightens your face. The wide-brimmed hat is retro, it adds a vintage touch to any outfit. Worn both on the beach and in the city, the XL wide-brimmed hat makes all silhouettes feminine.

Wide-brimmed hat Imeli.


The visor

The visor is a must-have of this summer 2019 and we must admit that we really enjoy it. With the advantage of being both practical and trendy, this piece makes it possible to bring style and casualness to an outfit. A chic casual that we can take everywhere in our luggage and wear without moderation.

Tytot visor.


That’s it, you now know everything you need to find the piece that will accompany you throughout this season! We wish you a beautiful summer, full of sunshine and relaxation.

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