designer hat

Lives in the workshop…!

designer hat

Today, the Céline Robert workshop assures an authentically “Made in France » thanks to the knowhow of a team of 8 people. These great people are :

Luljeta takes care of the orders with a sharp sense of organization. She combines all the colors and the material for a perfect result.

Martine meticulously handles the Winter and Summer material to model the creations of Céline Robert, season after season;

Lydie swirles the materials on her sewing machine to finalize the hats with a constant positive energy since 1998 !

Céline C. dresses up all the hats before they leave the workshop. She verifies very carefully the quality of each.

Maelle righfully makes the supplies in materials and in colors to assure the creation of the hats. She also shares the life of the workshop on the social medias J

Axelle exhibits with her communicative enthusiasm the creations of the brand on the professional fairs and amongst the French and international customers ;

Julie welcomes and gives advices to the customers in le Bon Marché with professionalism and smile.

Céline Robert, who creates with passion her models with a strong identity for 30 years, leads the team thanks to her determinism and her love to the creation.


Thanks to all these hands and brains, the brand received the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label (a Living Heritage Company) which promotes the French companies using artisanal and excellence know-how.