History of the brand

  • Julia Petit, Céline Robert's maternal great-grandmother, had a hat shop "Modes-Deuils" (Fashion and Bereavement) in Vétheuil near Paris. At the time, as no man or woman ever went out without a hat, the millinery profession was considerable. Wearing a hat was a mark of social status.
  • A generation later, Reine-Marguerite Robert, Céline's paternal grandmother, founded the Fernand Robert fashion house, named after her husband.By 1934, she was designing the hats that Fernand sold all over France
  • The card of the Céline Robert's grandfather that inspired the new indentity of the brand Céline Robert Chapeaux
  • The models she designed were reproduced countrywide by milliners wanting to "keep up with Paris fashions". Their workshop in the Faubourg Saint-Honoré employed up to seventeen workers. When cheap Italian hats arrived on the market, it forced them to invent new materials, such as woven trimmings. The family workshop closed in 1958 but Reine-Marguerite carried on making hats for private clients until 1985.
  • Creations for the show "Dé d'Or" of PACO RABANE in 1990
  • Her colours were then taken up by granddaughter Céline Robert. At first it was a game she played as a child watching her grandmother draping turbans, but soon creating hats became a pleasure, offering her a space for infinite creativity. After gaining her diploma in sculpture at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Céline Robert opened her workshop in 1992 at the Moulins de Paillard near Le Mans.
  • Céline Robert Chapeaux took off, quickly conquering French hat shops and buyers internationally. Her collections have been available in the Bon Marché since 1998, and in 2005 a first boutique was opened in Paris in the Marais district. Céline Robert continues her journey with the mythical Parisian places by opening a corner at Printemps Haussmann
  • Over the years, Céline Robert's workshop has evolved considerably and is now a major actor in French millinery. Céline Robert made the conscious choice of having a fully staffed workshop, and six milliners work alongside her. With her continually renewed collections, particular attention to raw materials and finishing touches, high quality creations are guaranteed through the unique craftsmanship of heat-treated and modelled materials.
  • From choosing the materials to the final depilling of the hat before it can be displayed in the shop, making each hat involves twenty or so different stages, all of which are done entirely by hand. In 2011 her workshop was awarded the label of Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) for skills excellence. The company is now responsible for the safeguard and transmission of two craft skills: heat-treating and depilling.
  • Today, Céline Robert Chapeaux is a reference internationally and over 160 outlets all over the world. Nearly 15 000 hats are made in the workshop each year, 35% of which are exported, mainly to Asia. Céline Robert's work is at the confluence of tradition and modernity. In her quest to further professional millinery skills, she has chosen a daring Made in France route to lead her worldwide.
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