Back to our birthday fashion show

The 19th of April, we celebrated the 30 years of creation of Céline Robert Chapeaux. We celebrated this important day in the Abbaye Royale de l’Epau during a fashion show.

During this festive and emotional reception, 55 hats along with outfits created especially for the event by Céline Robert and Martîn Coutier (-ement) were presented in a wonderful and surprising fashion show.

This reception perfectly mixed humor and creation with theatrical performances.

This reception represented an incredible token of support, friendship and a lot of tenderness.

But this event would not have taken place without the support of contributors for our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. We want to thank them again for this.

We want to thank also our partners because without them, the event would have not been as successful as it was:

We thank the Abbaye Royale de l’Epau, all the technicians for their kindness and their availability.

We thank NT Event, for their work on the lights and the sound of the fashion show.

We thank Maison Marguerite, for their elegant creations of the floral decoration of the tables.

We thank Jovoy parfums rares, our smell representative who perfumed our reception with the bride perfume “Les jeux sont faits”.

We thank Saint Karl Le Mans for its presence, its dynamism, making perfect hairstyles for our hats. Cyrille you won our hearts.

We thank Martîn Coutier, creator of the brand Ement, a wonderful energy and a great creativity shared with Céline Robert for the creation of the fashion show outfits.

We thank Nicolas Boutruche and Photographyk, for shooting the good moments in backstage and for immortalizing the fashion show. We can’t wait to see your photos and videos.

We thank Emilie Fouqueray, Les couleurs d’Emy, Sheyenn Moro-Perez and Lucie Coutier for their gentleness and their precision which enhanced the models with a sunny make-up.

Finally, we wanted to thank our beautiful models for having paraded during our event, by enhancing the hats and outfits of the fashion show.

The 30 years of creation of Céline Robert Chapeaux were properly celebrated, in emotion, joy and obviously creativity!

You can find below some photos immortalizing this beautiful event. (Credit photos : Karine Bergeot, Valérie Fade Py, Alexandre, St Karl Le Mans, Jurgen Katzengruber and Emmanuelle Gaide).