Fall-Winter collection 20/21

The Power of Drawing…

For this winter 2020/2021 collection, I wanted the Celine Robert Chapeaux brand to convincingly demonstrate its commitment to artistic values by asking Frédérique Lucien, a painter, to be a real part of the design team for the collection. I like this dedicated artist’s work about whom I told you in the “fascinator”, the summer Season 2020 magazine, and for me this collaboration is an honour.

The idea is to transpose drawing and the art of cut-outs to hats, which are fashion items made to be worn.

So we have worked on improving our knowledge and expertise to ensure that the project is achieved with the greatest respect for the individuality of each. We decided to focus on foliage, a recurring theme in Frédérique’s work, and developed different designs in a variety of techniques that the studio had never previously attemped in such a rigorous way.

What foliage ? Simply leaves from our gardens : various types of clematis, prunus, hydrangea, and so on. Each type of leaf gave rise to forms that we combined with pictorial techniques. Observation followed by act of making art transcribes what is seen and retains the energy of the form. These recomposed leaves become the motif of this collection. The materials, felt fur, fulled wool and mesh are the supports of the design. They are then heat treated to become fascinators, fedoras, cloche hats, caps…something to reinvent winter.

Cut-outs, prints, embossing, jewellery…The collection is varied and offers very couture styles and a brand new vision of felt that you can discover in our e-shop.

Credit : Photographyk

Model : Celia