Presentation collection - Autumn/winter 2018

Presentation Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

Presentation collection - Autumn/winter 2018

A new Year, a new collection, new hats.

Presentation Autumn/winter 2018 collection

Our 2018 collection promises to be colorful, openwork, jeweled. Casual chic makes its big comeback.

Feel groove, a range of merino and fur woolfelts which plays with the colors and patterns, where caps and berets are diverted.

Booster la tendresse, a collection of 100% fine merinos mesh. When mesh combines with fur, it becomes an edge, an ornament, a volume, a lightness.

Oser l’élégance, Céline Robert Chapeaux’s turbans, chic and timeless, modeled cloche hats available in different colors, jeweled ornamented fedoras to look chic everyday, fancy bibis to look charming during your festive events.

Relooker l’hiver, a collection of revisited wool, in volume and sewing, solid and heather colors, headbands, beanies, caps, berets, a complete range for next winter.

Collaborations. For the 2018 Winter collection, Céline Robert worked with 2 designers she appreciates on a creative and on a human level.

For the first time, Céline Robert and Louise Dagorne mix their universe and creativity for a unique jeweled collection. Louise Dagorne designs jewels from pieces found in flea markets. Céline and Louise wanted to share their stories, a range of modeled fur hats by Céline and decorated by Louise.

This is the second time that Céline Robert and Tzuri Gueta share their skills to launch a capsule collection. This textile engineer seeks to break his profession’s conventions by combining traditional gestures and unique techniques, a work of integration of silicone linked to the work of modeling in volume of the designer.

Presentation of our new Fall/Winter 2018 collection

Tokyo – MIF Trade Show – January  From 10 to 12

Beijing – By appointment –January From 16 to17

Paris – Tzuri Gueta’s Gallery –January  From 22 to 23

New-York – Showroom – February  From 7 to 9

ParisPremière Classe Trade Show, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris – March  From 1 to 4

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