Interview with Céline Robert

Sunny days are coming; this is the occasion for Céline Robert to explain us her creation methods.

“A collection is both a path and a puzzle”

Q: How do you decide the spirit of a new collection?

Céline Robert: It comes from a general feeling, from a colorful, natural, floral, fashionable wish. As well, there is the wish to shape the materials, and to mix them. The target we would like to reach with the collection also plays a major role in the creation process.

Q:  What was your feeling for the last summer collection?

CR : I wanted to  work on the flowers, to have a floral atmosphere. We followed through it for this one.

Q: How do you describe a collection?

CR: A collection is both a path and a puzzle. A path because we always have to bear in mind the same story and have a global conscience of it. Puzzle because sometimes we may miss things, i-e hats don’t have the same typologies. We realize we must slow down the collection because we went too far in the creation. Finally, bearing in mind a form of panel for the collection is more than necessary.

Q: What is important in a hat creation?

CR: I work a lot the drawing and material manipulation. Mixed material must have a story. Create hats is like an architectural creation. Materials are not only put in the form but placed in it. It is a materials juxtaposition. It must tell a story.

“Create hats is like an architectural creation”

Q: The brand identity is volume, why is that?

CR:  This is in my blood. It comes from my education and family. My mother was a ceramist. Volume creation is made by draw and graphics.

Q: What are your artistic inspirations?

CR:  I have an artistic culture. It comes from my family and formation. However, materials, lights, flowers… all of that is an inspiration source.

Q: What is your next challenge?

CR: The creation of movables hats. A hat is sizeable and sometimes we don’t know where to put it. The idea is to create lovely hats to put them in your bag or pocket.

Q: To conclude, about the upcoming Winter collection, what was your inspiration for this one?

CR: 3D, volume, geometry. The link between drawing and volume.

“Mixed material must have a story.”