Céline Robert Chapeaux, a family tradition since 1905

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Spring - summer 16



"Fashion has cycles, and forms are constantly reinterpreted. Our desires change. Each of us re-appropriates a language that is common to us all, but we re-invest it with our own personnal style. Exchanges between maculine and feminine are part of such give and take"


"Themes are limitless, whether in the fiction they engender or in reality. What matters to me is the degree of emotion and sincerity I achieve. A form must have life and breath in it. Any superfluity will prevent lightness of touch. When a hat is worn, it should accompany its wearer. It should not oppress, not enclose."

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    Expo – Vente Céramiques – Chapeaux

    Expo – Vente ouverte à l’atelier Céline Robert Chapeaux – Coulaines ( 72 ) . Venez découvrir les céramiques de Matthieu Robert jusqu’au samedi 23 avril, l’expertise du travail de l’émail alliée à l’exigence des formes… respiration, souffle et lumière. Jour de soleil à l’atelier....

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    6 tips for choosing the best ceremony hat

    6 tips for choosing the best ceremony! There will always be a hat that suits you. You just need to try and receive good advices !...

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    Hat Glossary

    Here is the full hat glossary with definitions of the diferent shapes, names and material of the hat making world...

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    [VIDEO] Maëlle introduces you to the model “OURY” for the summer 2016 collection

    During the show PREMIERE CLASSE in September 2015, the famous magazine C+ Accessoire interiewed us to know our best seller....